Transitioning to Portland

Lokyee was recently selected as the Community Committees and Public Affairs Coordinator for the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) in Portland, Oregon. Lokyee will be graduating this June with a Masters in Community and Regional Planning, and Master of Science in Environmental Studies.

Lokyee Au“I definitely feel very fortunate to secure a position so quickly after graduation, and I feel even more fortunate because this position is directly related to what I’ve been studying and thinking about throughout my graduate career,” said Lokyee.

Lokyee will be working with community outreach and communications to support the neighborhood associations and organizations within NE Portland as they discuss community concerns and projects. She will be assisting with land use, zoning, and transportation policies that will affect the neighborhoods, and she will also be conducting policy research in areas that are of residents’ concerns. Lokyee will also be working NECN’s communications to update their website, create newsletters, and identify other ways to keep residents informed and engaged.

What is NECN? Through NECN, neighbors shape the future of inner North and Northeast Portland by taking on projects, taking up issues, and taking action together. The Coalition provides support and resources for twelve neighborhood associations, other community groups, and residents. NECN encourages participation, leadership, and collaboration across lines of race, culture, and economic status.

Relocating to Portland is bittersweet for Lokyee. She is excited about this transition but also sad to leave a place she has called home for three years: “It will be difficult being far from many of my best friends in Eugene.”

Lokyee has worked on CPW projects such as the Rogue Valley Transportation District High Capacity Transit Project and Bethel’s Economic Development Strategy for the City of Eugene. Smiling, Lokyee affirmed what CSC staff and clients already know: “CPW has assisted with the development of the technical skills that are crucial for any job. I have been able to integrate my analytical and critical thinking abilities with the technical. I feel prepared for whatever comes next!”

Multiple congratulations to Lokyee. CSC staff wishes her all the best.