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The Oregon Policy Lab is a partnership between Lane County and the University of Oregon that began in early 2018. This unique partnership represents a significant undertaking in local government policy research mechanisms.

The Policy Lab seeks to leverage the immense talent of the students and faculty of the University of Oregon to provide Lane County decision-makers with the tools to assess and address complex policy challenges while providing valuable real-world experience for students and research opportunities for faculty.

2017-2018 Projects

  1. Pay equity study (MPA Capstone 2-term project)
  2. Policy Lab (phase 1) (Public Management 1-term project)
  3. Open Data (phase 1) (Public Management 1-term project)

  2018-2019 Projects

  1. Policy Options for Vulnerable Populations during Wildfire Smoke Events (Faculty Research)
  2. Snowpocalypse 2019 (Public Management 1-term project)
  3. Policy Lab (phase 2) (MPA Capstone 2-term project)
  4. Open Data (phase 2) (MPA Capstone 2-term project)
  5. Resilience (phase 1) (MCRP CPW 2-term project)

  2019-2020 Projects (still in development)

  1. Open Referral Network Development (social service routing)
  2. Clean Air Shelters and Vulnerable populations
  3. Resilience (phase 2)
  4. Sustainable Inventions from (non)-recyclable materials
  5. Investigating Zinc in water from de-mossing agents

University of Oregon Contacts

Benjamin Clark
Associate Professor; IPRE Co-Director of Research
School of Planning, Public Policy and Management
Email: bclark2@uoregon.edu
Phone: 541-346-7320

Robert Parker
IPRE Director; CPW Program Director; PPPM Teaching Faculty
School of Planning, Public Policy and Management
Email: rgp@uoregon.edu
Phone: 541-346-3801

Alyssa Gamble
Policy Lab Graduate Student Employee; Masters Student–Community and Regional Planning, 2020
School of Planning, Public Policy and Management
Email: agamble@uoregon.edu

Lane County Contacts

Greg Rikhoff
Director of Operations
Lane County Administration
Phone: 541-682-6262

Jeff Kincaid
Management Analyst
Lane County Administration
Email: Jeffrey.Kincaid@co.lane.or.us
Phone: 541-682-3718